Catering Van Insurance

Catering Van Insurance

Catering Van Insurance to insure you against public liability and insure your catering van (hot dog van, burger van, kebab van, sandwich van, ice cream van), stock and catering equipment.

Hot Or Cold Food

Catering van insurance costs vary depending on the type of food you serve, if you have a sandwich van and only serve cold food your risks and therefore your insurance premiums are less, if you have a tea and coffee concession then your risks and insurance premiums are low, the cost of insurance rises when you serve hot food like soup trucks, hot dog vans, kebab vans, fish and chip vans.

The reason insurance costs more for hot food trucks is that from an insurance point of view there is more to go wrong, your gas cylinder might explode causing third party damage to other cars and people as well as buildings, your stock might ruin if your refrigerator fails, but there are things you can do to lower your insurance costs, if you have a choice of a gas burner or electric, an electric grill will cost less to insure than a gas grill because the explosion risk is that much less.

To get a mobile catering van insurance quote your need to specify whether you have a catering van or a trailer and whether you serve hot food or cold food (tea and coffee are cold food), your need liability insurance not only due to the risk of your van catching fire and causing damage to other peoples property but also from the food you serve, if the food you sell causes people to be sick from food poisoning then your need the public liability insurance to insure you against your customers suing you and the insurance to pay out for any court cases you might have to defend yourself against.

How much does catering insurance cost?

Catering insurance costs vary for hot and cold food vans, cold food vans like sandwiches have cheaper insurance than hot food vans like burgers, hot dogs, fish and chips, the reasoning being there is less risk to others from cold food (food poisoning) than there is from hot food (or more accurately food that should be hot and cooked thoroughly but isnít) and the safety of the catering equipment also determines the cost of the insurance with hot food preparation equipment like gas cookers etc. more likely to explode and lead to a public liability claim than a fridge used to store cold food.

Hog Roasts, Barbecues, Weddings And ChildreníS Parties

With outside catering insurance like hog roasts, barbecues, weddings and childrenís parties your catering insurance must include public liability insurance as when serving food to the public in a public place your catering equipment must be safe and not cause injury due to fire or explosion and your food must not cause any complaints, both these things would lead to a claim from a customer that they where injured or made sick and if the case goes to caught or the local council takes you to court your need to claim on the insurance for example making a claim that your gas cooker caught fire so that your insurance can payout any claims against you.

Mobile Catering Vans

Cover for mobile catering vans will depend on whether you serve hot or cold food, hot food carries the greatest risk of food poisoning and the catering equipment from failure due to fire or explosion, these are obviously extreme examples, but its the extreme examples that you are insuring yourself against, if your catering van is in a public place then you are going to need public liability insurance, in fact your local council will probably demand that you have public liability insurance and that you can prove it and the local council might specify an amount of public liability insurance like one million pounds or five million pounds.

This means that should you be liable (have public liability) then your insurance will pay out up to one million or five million pounds or whatever level of public liability insurance you have paid for when you take out your insurance.

Get a free quote for your catering van insurance from catering insurance experts, a high street insurance company will not be able to insure your catering van and will not differentiate between hot and cold food so your be paying more for your insurance than you need too, additionally a high street insurance company will want to charge you extra for public liability insurance so your insurance quote gets very expensive, very quickly.

Fire Cover Included

Your want fire cover included so that if your catering van catches fire due to your gas cooker your be able to make a claim on your insurance for repairs to your catering van and to your catering equipment, stock and tools, standard van insurance cannot be used for a commercial catering van as you wonít have public liability insurance and wonít be insured for commercial catering use.

You can quote and buy your insurance in minutes, just remember to include any optional extras you need for your catering insurance like fixtures and fittings cover to include reimbursement for your cookers, catering equipment and stock should you need to claim on your insurance for fire, flood or any other incident.

Ice Cream Van Insurance

Ice cream van insurance will need fixtures and fittings cover to include the refrigerators and the soft scoop dispensers plus drinks chiller and hot beverage makers, the ice cream van engine must be running all day long to power the refrigerators, so your need to include breakdown insurance too and get up and running again quickly before your ice cream supplies start to melt.

Get insurance from a company that has a UK based call centre, that way when you come to renew your insurance or need to phone the claims line your be speaking to people who understand what an ice cream van is or what a hot dog van is without you having to explain to them about your business and the reason for your claim, with specialist insurance the call centre staff will have knowledge of catering van insurance and wonít be asking you simple questions that delay your claim.

Excess Protection

Get excess protection on your insurance quote so that you donít have to pay the first few hundred pounds on any claim, from the insurance companies point of view demanding an excess from you means that you are less likely to make an insurance claim, after all if your drinks chiller costs five hundred pounds but you are required to pay the first four hundred pounds of any claim yourself you might just think itís easier to save yourself the trouble of making an insurance claim and just buy yourself a replacement chill unit without making an insurance claim, this obviously costs you money but saves the insurance company money.

Legal Expenses

Choose to have your legal expenses included in any catering insurance quote, with public liability itís always a good idea to have legal expenses included as should a member of the public make a claim against you for example that they were ill after eating your food or that your catering truck caused damage to their car then they are liable to sue you and you want your insurance company to be paying the legal costs for you.

Insurance coverage can also include breakdown cover which is vitally important for a mobile truck, how are you going to get your catering truck to the venue if the truck has broken down and how are you going to power the cookers and the refrigerators if your truck doesnít work, your catering truck or van is your business and you need breakdown cover included on your insurance to prevent your stock spoiling due to refrigerator failure and loss of earnings because you canít drive your catering van to the venue.

Key Cover

Get key cover as part of your insurance, this insures you against losing your van or truck keys and the breakdown service can usually cut you a new set of keys when they come out to assist you or the insurance company can arrange for a new set of keys to be delivered by courier to you from the van or truck manufacturer, as with a breakdown of your truck, if you canít start your truck or even open the doors of the truck because you have lost your keys then your food stock will spoil and you canít earn money if you canít drive your van to where your customers are.

Your Catering Equipment Is Left In The Van Overnight

Your catering tools are left in your van overnight so your want tool cover on your insurance to replace the cost of any tools that get stolen from your catering truck, for example a break-in to your catering van that resulted in the food in the refrigerators being ruined and your coffee machine being vandalised needs to be covered by insurance or your be out of business if your left to pay for new stock and equipment from your own money.

Standard van insurance cannot be used for a catering van, standard van insurance will not insure you for public liability against food poisoning of the food you prepare or from your gas cooker from exploding, standard van insurance will not insure coverage for any commercial catering activities so when you go to make a claim or a member of the public makes a claim against you, your find your uninsured.

Gap Insurance

Gap insurance for catering vans is used when you have been insuring your catering van with one insurance company and donít renew your catering insurance with the same company but instead move your insurance to a different catering insurance company.

If you do this you might find that there are a few days or weeks between the new insurance starting and the old insurance ending, as you have public liability and need insurance for your van and commercial insurance for your catering activities you must have insurance for any gap, and gap insurance covers this small time period of a few days to a few weeks.

Modified Van Insurance

Insuring your catering van with a high street insurer will mean that the insurer will try to insure your van as modified van insurance, because rather than just being a van it is now a catering van with refrigerators, coffee making machines and gas cookers and grills, whilst the van is modified, your need catering insurance for your catering business and modified van insurance for the van, with catering van insurance these two and public liability insurance come together to give you one inclusive product specifically for the mobile caterer.

Get a free quote for catering insurance, you donít need to buy your van new to get catering insurance you can insure an old catering truck, indeed most food truck owners first few trucks will be second hand vehicles until their business becomes established and a brand new catering van becomes feasible, you can insure a fleet of catering vans or just a single catering van.

Get a quote online and remember to exclude the add-ons you donít want and include the add-ons you do, your need public liability insurance and your probably need modified van insurance to drive your vehicle on the road, you may want to consider breakdown insurance which will protect the cost of your stock and lost earnings if your catering van breaks down, your food spoils and you cannot work until the van is repaired or replaced.

Courtesy Van

Choose the option to have a courtesy van where a similar food truck will be provided by the insurance company whilst your catering van is being repaired, this will allow you to continue to trade and earn money and keep your customers whilst your own van is being repaired.

If you agree to have Ďblack box telematicsí, that is a black box fitted to your van that knows the position and speed of your catering van then your insurance will be cheaper as the insurance company knows where your van is at all times, if you say your daily pitch is on a particular site then the insurance company can verify that, this makes your insurance cheaper.

Jiffy Trucks And Hot Food Vans Like Burger Vans, BBQ, Street Food, Coffee And Tea Trucks

Look for catering van insurance from insurance companies that are members of the NCASS Association of Mobile Caterers.

Catering insurance covers jiffy trucks and hot food vans like burger vans, BBQ, street food, coffee and tea trucks, soup vans, ice cream vans and any mobile catering operation.