Caravan Insurance

Caravan Insurance

You’ve paid a lot of money for your caravan and whether static, tourer campervan or motorhome you want Caravan Insurance that pays out if your caravan is damaged.

Whilst some general insurance companies will offer caravan insurance the best deals are available from specialist caravan insurance companies who can quote you for a campervan, motorhome, static caravan or tourer.

Specialist Caravan Insurance

Specialist caravan insurance can offer lowest price guarantees because they understand the different makes and models of caravan and can better assess your risk, over fifties can get cheaper insurance premiums for their caravan as they are thought of as more careful caravan owners.

Tourer Caravans

Tourer caravans are caravans that you tow behind your car, your car insurance is unlikely to come with insurance that allows you to tow a caravan behind your car, if it does it is unlikely to include contents insurance or include ‘old for new’ cover that allows you to buy a new caravan in the event of an accident.

Static Caravan

If your static caravan is on site at a camping ground you want insurance in case of damage to your caravan, you won’t be near your caravan for the majority of the year and in your absence, anything can happen, additionally if your campsite or you personally are renting out your static caravan then your need to insure both the caravan and the contents.

For static caravan rental, your need insurance that includes third party rental, after all if the family you are renting the caravan too have an accident, for instance the gas stove catches fire or the children fall and trip in your caravan then the family are likely to make a claim against you and with your own insurance the insurance company will be able to pay out on your behalf.

Don’t rely on the campsite to have insurance, if they do it will be for their liability and not yours, should the campsite owner move your static caravan into a storage area and then the tractor they use to move your caravan should accidentally hit and damage your caravan then your need your own insurance to pay for this damage as the campsite owner may well have ‘caravans left at the owners risk’ disclaimers.

Park Home Insurance

Park home insurance is even more important than static caravan insurance, you might be living in your park home all the year round as your main home, if you were to lose your park home in a fire, high winds or floods then your only home will have gone and you want insurance to provide the money to buy a new park home.

As your living in your park home potentially with your family you want to make sure that your belongings are covered by insurance so that if you have a break-in you’re be able to replace your contents with the contents insurance you have bought.

Your park home needs insurance because you might find that another resident on the park home site makes a claim against you for example if there is a fire due to a faulty gas appliance in your park home there is a possibility that your park home fire might spread to the neighbours park home and the neighbour would take you to court to win damages against you so that you have to pay them for damage to their park home, car and contents.

If you have a mortgage on your park home then your mortgage company will require you to have park home insurance the reason being that should your park home suffer damage due to fire, flood or high winds you’re be expected to make good any damage to your park home and without insurance you might not be able to pay the bills.

If You Don’T Have A Mortgage Or Other Loan

If you don’t have a mortgage or other loan on your park home, then you are not required by law to have insurance unless the park home site requires you to have insurance before your park home can be left on site (which a lot of park home sites do require as the risk from fire for example spreading to another park home is great).

Static caravans that you purchased with a loan will also require insurance as the loan will be required to be paid regardless of the state of the caravan, if the caravan is damaged in fire, flood or high winds your still be expected to pay the monthly loan repayments and of course with insurance you’re be able to claim for the cost of repairs or for a completely new caravan in an ‘old for new’ insurance claim.

Buy Insurance Online From Specialist Park Home, Static Caravan And Touring Caravan Insurance Companies

Buy insurance online from specialist park home, static caravan and touring caravan insurance companies, specialist firms will have an online form where you can enter the make and model of your caravan, camper van or motorhome and get a quote for your exact make and model which will be much cheaper than a generic caravan quote and the insurance policy will be much more comprehensive than a generic policy.

Insurance from a caravan insurance company with a UK call centre is a must, that way when you phone to make a claim or phone to renew your insurance your speaking to an expert insurer who knows about caravans, your be able to tell them about your accident claim and be speaking to a insurance representative who has knowledge of your make and model of caravan probably because they are a caravan enthusiast themselves.

A Caravan Quote From A Specialist Static Caravan, Touring Caravan, Campervan Or Mobile Home Insurance Expert

A caravan quote from a specialist static caravan, touring caravan, campervan or mobile home insurance expert will be much cheaper than a generic caravan insurance policy as you’re get contents insurance and free European insurance as well, usually because such deals are cheaper from insurance companies that actually have experience in caravanning.

Touring caravans are caravans that you tow behind your car, here caravan insurance is mandatory by law as your using the caravan on the road, your car insurance policy might cover your caravan but if it does it will usually be third party only, i.e. your caravan causing destruction or injury to someone else (a third party), with proper caravan insurance any damage to your caravan can be claimed form the insurance company as well as contents insurance and ‘new for old’ caravan deals.

In most accidents involving a touring caravan your unlikely to be able to repair the caravan and instead will be offered replacement cover, this is good for you as you may get a new caravan in place of your old caravan, you may also get an agreed value for your caravan, you can then use the money to buy part or all of a new caravan if you wish.

Static Caravans Are Left At The Campsite Unattended For Long Periods Of Time

Static caravans are left at the campsite unattended for long periods of time often in remote locations which makes them a target for vandalism, insurance is therefore needed so that should your caravan get vandalised you be able to claim on the insurance for any repairs, loss of contents or damage.

Static caravan insurance will often require that the owner has security on the caravan, this might just be secure locking doors and windows or might be an alarm system, each individual policy will vary and you will find that if you have an additional security system such as a burglar alarm system then your monthly premiums will be lower as it’s more likely that the caravan will not be stolen or vandalised, carbon monoxide and some alarm detectors will also be required to get cheaper insurance quotes, as with safety alarms fitted it’s more likely that damage due to fire will be limited once the occupants or other residents on the campsite are notified by the noise from your alarm.

Motorhome Insurance Is Compulsory By Law

Motorhome insurance is compulsory by law, your motorhome is being used on the roads, many motorhome insurance specialists will give you free European insurance cover (the cover is for a maximum of thirty days usually) so you can take your motorhome abroad, if you require longer cover for extended European trips for example then this will not be free and will be at additional cost.

With motorhome insurance, your need ideally fully comprehensive insurance as third party only or third party fire and theft will only cover damage to another vehicle or injury to another person not your own injury or damage to your own motorhome, fully comprehensive insurance will cover both you and the other driver.

Motorhomes are expensive, to only have third party insurance means that you will be paying all accident bills yourself and you will be unable to claim for accident repairs from the insurance company, so fully comprehensive is the better insurance.

It’s not only the cost of repairing or replacing your motorhome if you were involved in an accident but the cost of replacing the contents, you will have fridges, freezers, televisions, games consoles, computers, clothing and bedding inside your motorhome, if for example there is a fire or the plumbing fails and there is a water leak then without fully comprehensive insurance you will need to replace the contents yourself without being able to claim on the insurance.

Caravan, Motorhome, Static Caravan And Campervan Insurance Can Be Bought Online

Caravan, motorhome, static caravan and campervan insurance can be bought online today from a specialist insurer, standard insurance polices might require that the insurer gets back to you after they have assessed your application but a specialist already know the risks of the make and model of caravan that you have and can better gauge your own specific risk (and therefore the likelihood that the insurance company will have to pay out) than a high-street insurance company.

A static caravan by its very nature is in one place, this might be an isolated campsite or caravan park, isolation means that the static caravan is at a higher risk of damage due to vandals or theft of contents like televisions, cookers and washing machines, additionally static caravans are normally in areas of outstanding beauty where high winds or flooding are a distinct possibility.

Touring caravans are towed behind your car so there is a greater risk of accident with another car hitting you or you hitting another car, its difficult to drive when towing a caravan and people have even forgotten they are towing a caravan, for all these reasons its worthwhile having specialised caravan insurance rather than trying to rely on a very limited third party policy that might come as part of your car insurance.

It’s worth noting that car insurance that does cover towing a caravan will only cover a caravan of a specific size or weight so you will probably find that you do not have caravan insurance as part of your car insurance, many drivers have thought that their car insurance would mean that they have caravan insurance too and then later when an accident happens and they need to make a claim discover that they are in fact uninsured.

Park Home Insurance Whilst Not Required By Law Is Required If You Have A Mortgage

Park home insurance whilst not required by law is required if you have a mortgage on your park home and without insurance you’re be responsible for any damage to other properties from your park home or if you rent out your park home the accident or injury to the people you are renting too.

Motorhome insurance is always required by law as you are driving your motorhome on the road, the only time when your motorhome does not require insurance is when you have declared SORN and your vehicle is not parked on the road and only used and stored on private land, even then if you rent out your motorhome your need insurance in case the people your renting to make a claim against you for example a fire starts from the gas cooker or a water leak ruins their belongings.

Insurance coverage will be for the entire UK and Northern Ireland and usually with thirty day’s cover in Southern Ireland and mainland Europe, you might find that your free cover extends up to ninety days but this very much depends on the insurance company your using.

Static caravan cover is a must as your caravan can often be left unoccupied where thieves and vandals can damage your static caravan, static caravans are also normally placed in areas near beaches or areas where high winds or flooding are common which means that you more than likely to want to make a claim on static caravan insurance at some point.