Car Breakdown Insurance

Car Breakdown Insurance

Car Breakdown Insurance for the individual driver or for the whole family, cover a single car or all the families cars, vans and motorbikes with home recovery and breakdown cover in the UK and Europe.

If you drive a car then breakdown cover is as essential as car insurance, it might not be compulsory by law to have breakdown insurance but if you donít your be paying high prices to have your car towed by an emergency recovery vehicle to the nearest garage and then the cost of any repairs at the local garage will be more than you would have to pay elsewhere.

With car breakdown insurance you can have a car mechanic at the roadside with you to fix your car, in 80% of cases your car will be fixed at the roadside, for the other 20% of breakdowns that canít be fixed at the roadside because parts or specialist tools are needed then your car will be towed to a garage of your choice, so if you always like to get your car serviced or repaired at a garage you trust then the recovery vehicle will tow your car to your favourite garage.

Even if you breakdown at home the recovery insurance will send out a mechanic to get your car working again so you can continue your journey, generally your have to take out the home recovery option to get your car repaired at your house as without home recovery the car must be at least a quarter of a mile away from the address you have registered with the breakdown insurance company.

Breakdown Insurance

Breakdown insurance is not just for one car or one driver, all the cars in your family can be insured against breakdown for all the members of your family, a family policy provides peace of mind for the while family where in the event of the car breaking down anyone in the family can phone the emergency recovery phone number and a qualified mechanic will be dispatched to wherever in the country the broken down car is.

When you take out the car breakdown insurance you can choose for UK recovery only or European recovery as well, if you never plan on driving abroad then there is no need to spend the extra money on European breakdown insurance.

Itís not just cars that can be insured for breakdowns but also vans and motorbikes either for an individual, all the family or for a business with all the cars used by the business insured against breakdown.

Car breakdown insurance will prioritise lone females meaning that if a female breaks down they are of course at greater risk from coming to harm whilst broken down on the side of the road so the emergency recovery vehicle will attend their breakdown before attending the breakdown of anyone else.

Typically your have to wait forty minutes by the roadside for a recovery vehicle to arrive, although lone females will have to wait typically half that amount of time, your car will be repaired on the roadside 80% of the time with faults like replacing tyres, replacing bulbs, replacing fan belts, deliver petrol when you have run out or getting your car working again after it has overheated or just stopped working.

Breakdown Cover

Breakdown cover will save you a lot of money, just one breakdown a year will pay for itself as the cost of using a local car recovery company and local garage to get your car repaired will be far greater than the annual premium charged by the breakdown insurance.

Vehicle Roadside Cover

Vehicle roadside cover also covers caravans and trailers (Caravan Insurance) so if you get a problem with towing your caravan or trailer like the break lights or indicators on the caravan or trailer are no longer working or the brakes on the trailer have stopped working then you can call the breakdown service to fix your caravan or trailer too.

With at home cover if your car doesnít start on your drive or outside your house then you can phone the car breakdown people and they will come to your home and fix your car so you can continue your journey, frequent requests for home starts are often due to cars not starting on a cold morning or a flat battery when the lights have accidentally been left on overnight.

Home Cover

If you donít have at home cover and just breakdown insurance for when your away from home then your need to be at least a quarter of a mile from home for the recovery vehicle to come out and assist you, but a quarter of a mile is only four hundred metres so not very far at all.

With the choice of personal or business cover for your breakdown insurance you can insure all your company cars under the one recovery policy even if that is mixing cars and vans on the policy, for personal breakdown insurance you can insure just your own car or the cars of all family members and mix and match the insurance options so that one car is insured for European breakdown whilst the other cars are insured for UK breakdown only.

European Breakdown Cover

European breakdown cover will be provided by partner roadside recovery companies across the whole of Europe so wherever you breakdown you can get your car towed to your destination or towed to a trusted garage as recommended by the insurance company, of course with eighty percent of breakdowns being fixed by the side of the road you should be on your way without having to visit a garage.

Insurance coverage can include UK cover, European cover, at home recovery, car recovery, motorbike recovery and even caravan and trailer recovery, you can include any of these options on your breakdown insurance quote so you only pay for what you need, if your only towing a caravan with one of your cars then only get breakdown cover for the caravan when its being towed by that car, this will make the insurance quote cheaper than generic cover where all cars in the family are thought to be towing a caravan.

Business breakdown of a car or van is not only inconvenient but costs the company money as now a delivery will be late or a worker will be arriving on site late, with roadside recovery that can get the car or van repaired within forty minutes whilst at the roadside your business will not suffer from breakdowns.

Breakdown Quote

For a breakdown quote your be able to get the quote cheaper if your over fifty as over fifty drivers are thought to be more experienced on the road and less likely to be involved in an accident that would necessitate a recovery vehicle, being older the driver might know a thing or two about repairing the car themselves and generally keep their car in a better state of repair.

Whether you have a performance car or an old banger, both can and will breakdown and will need either a roadside repair or to be towed to a garage where a repair can be made, for luxury cars and performance cars your want your car towed to a specific garage that you have used before that can make the repair for you.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance makes it possible to not know a thing about how cars work as its as easy as calling the breakdown company on your mobile when you breakdown and they will be out to your car within forty minutes, often much less and quicker still for a female driver.

You can call out the breakdown service as many times as you like, even if it is the same problem like a failed battery or a broken alternator, you wonít be penalised by the insurance company for calling out roadside recovery when needed, either pay your premium annually or by monthly direct debit and you can rely on the breakdown service to get your car working again.

Personal Breakdown Cover

Personal breakdown cover just insures you against breakdown for any vehicle you might be driving, itís you the individual that has the car breakdown insurance so any vehicle you happen to be driving that breaks down and your be able to phone for roadside or home recovery to get your car working again and on your way.

Breakdown cover polices can be for the individual driver or for the entire family or a fleet of vehicles belonging to a company, you can insure for UK breakdown only or European breakdown too with roadside and home recovery options to choose from as well.

Home Recovery

The reason that home recovery is not included in roadside recovery but is as separate option on the insurance quote is that for a home recovery you can often rely on your local garage to come out and get your car working for you or tow your car to the local garage, something the local garage could not do for general roadside recovery that could be anywhere in the UK, Ireland or Europe wide.

For cheap car breakdown cover only select the options on the online quote form that apply to you, if you wonít be going abroad in your car then only select UK recovery, of you donít need home recovery because you can get your car fixed yourself if it breaks down outside your house then only choose roadside recovery and not home recovery, if you wonít ever be towing a caravan or trailer then donít select these options on the quote form to help you save money.

Motorcycle Breakdown Cover

Motorcycle breakdown cover is much the same as car breakdown cover, the recovery vehicle that comes out to help you will be manned by a mechanic experienced in motorcycle maintenance and their roadside recovery van will stock all the common spares for a range of motorcycles so they will be able to get you up and running immediately without having to put your motorbike on a trailer and drive you to a garage that can repair your motorcycle.

Van Breakdown Cover

Van breakdown cover like car recovery will send out a recovery vehicle to get your van going again, the recovery vehicle will stock a rage of common spares for vans so if your have a tyre blow out on the motorway they will be able to change your tyre and they carry a range of tools for working on vans as opposed to tools for working on cars (were they differ).

Any type of vehicle can be covered by the insurance from a classic car (Classic Car Insurance) to a sports car, luxury car or an old banger, the insurance premium wonít rise because of what car you drive so you can be sure of a cheap quote and the recovery insurance company not taking advantage of you because you drive an expensive car and only offering an expensive breakdown policy.

If your car always lets you down mechanically then breakdown insurance will get you going again whether you breakdown on a country lane or on the motorway or dual carriageway, you wonít have to pay more on your insurance premium because you drive an old car, as long as your car has valid car insurance and a valid MOT of you need one then your be able to get breakdown insurance for any make, model or age of vehicle.

Annual Breakdown Or Monthly Breakdown Cover

Choose from annual breakdown or monthly breakdown cover, this determines how you choose to pay for the breakdown insurance, either as one payment annually or as twelve separate payments one each month, if you want to budget for your breakdown cover then a monthly fee makes that easier as you know exactly how much your breakdown insurance is going to cost and any number of breakdowns wonít cost you any more, just the same monthly premium so you could breakdown five times and you wouldnít pay anymore on your insurance.

With 24/7 breakdown cover you can call on the car recovery specialists day or night to get your car working again, it does not cost you anymore to have your car fixed in the middle of the night as it does in the middle of the afternoon, for one monthly fee a qualified mechanic will come out to fix your car day or night.