Campervan Insurance

Campervan Insurance

Campervan Insurance for VW campervans, VW T2, Kombris, Westfalia, classic campervans, conversions and any make of campervan. Discounts for over 50ís, multi car polices, short term insurance, agreed value insurance, salvage rights insurance, campervan rental, travel insurance, campsite insurance and liability insurance.

Itís a legal requirement to have campervan insurance as your driving your campervan on the road, as with car insurance you can choose from third party, fire and theft insurance only or fully comprehensive insurance, your campervan is your pride and joy and you have spent a lot of money on a brand new campervan or restored a classic campervan or maybe you have built your own campervan from the body of a standard van, so with all that time and money spent on your campervan you wouldnít want your campervan to get damaged in a road accident where you canít claim for the cost of putting your campervan right.

But thatís exactly what third party, fire and theft insurance is, it insures the other vehicle and members of the public against damage or injury that you might cause but it does not allow you to claim for damages to your own campervan, so for an expensive campervan fully comprehensive is the way to go.

Short Term Campervan Insurance

You might only want to use your campervan several times a year which means that you donít need annual insurance, you can insure your campervan for anything from one week to one month or more, so why pay for annual insurance if you donít need it.

If your renting your caravan (Caravan Insurance) then you can get drivers insurance that will insure you to drive the campervan or if your renting your campervan out then your want comprehensive insurance that covers the drivers your renting too unless you expect them to have their own campervan insurance (it would be easier and youíre more likely to get people wanting to rent your campervan if you have insurance), your also need liability insurance for any accident or injury that befalls the people you have rented your campervan out too, for example the cooker in the campervan causes a fire and your guests are injured or their belongings are destroyed by fire, your guests (the people you have rented your caravan too), would then want to seek compensation from you for their injuries or loss of property.

Your campervan insurance will include contents insurance but only up to a specific amount, that amount might be enough for the contents of your campervan but if you have laptop computers, televisions and games consoles then the value of your contents can quickly add up and youíre want to increase the value of your contents insurance.

Classic Campervan Insurance

On the online quote form, you can choose whether you want third party, fire and theft or fully comprehensive insurance as well as the amount of contents insurance you want, remember that the more contents insurance you want the higher the cost of your monthly premiums, so realistically think about the value of the contents in your campervan rather than just selecting the maximum amount.

You can also choose an agreed value insurance policy for your campervan, this is ideal for classic campervans where you have restored your campervan and even if the campervan was written off by an accident you would want the right to buy the campervan from the insurance company (salvage insurance) so that you could get it repaired or use it for spares.

The online form (the easiest way to buy campervan insurance) will include the option to buy breakdown insurance along with your vehicle insurance, the advantage of this is that youíre get a better deal by buying more than one type of insurance at the same time than you would if you purchased the insurance polices separately.

Campervan Breakdown Insurance

Another way to save money on your campervan insurance is to get a multi-vehicle policy where not only do you insure your campervan with the same insurance company but you also insure your car (Car Breakdown Insurance) or motorbike too, this makes for cheaper insurance because all your vehicles will be on the same policy.

Also, think whether you will be using your campervan abroad in Europe or just around the UK, if abroad youíre want your campervan insurance to include breaking down in Europe as well as being legally able to drive your campervan on European roads, travel insurance if you get sick or injured abroad is also a good option otherwise you might have to pay to be able to use a local hospital and get treatment.

If you have converted a van into a campervan either yourself or using a specialist firm then not all insurance companies will what to insure your campervan, thatís why using a specialist campervan insurance company makes it not only cheaper but easer too, specialist insurance companies are aware of most conversion types so when you want to make a claim itís easy to speak to the customer service department that understands what you are claiming for.

Volkswagen Campervan Insurance

Volkswagen campervans are very popular, not only the classic campervans or the more modern variants and where a campervan is not manufactured anymore your find getting parts more difficult and expensive, with recovery and breakdown insurance you can get your campervan towed to your preferred garage for repair rather than just any garage which donít specialise in campervans, itís probably very important to you that your local campervan garage is the only person that works on your campervan and you can use the recovery service to put your campervan on a flatbed trailer and deliver the campervan for repair, you donít have to rely on a friendly tow from someone if you breakdown.

If you take your campervan to a campsite you have increased liability, imagine if you will that your barbecue accidentally sets light to the neighbourís caravan, youíre be liability for claims for a new caravan or repairs as well as to claims for compensation caused by injury or loss of belongings, with liability insurance as part of your campervan insurance, any claims against you will be paid by your insurance company.

If you also include legal cover with your campervan insurance then if you need to hire a solicitor to represent you in court then you can claim the solicitor fees back, especially important if you are driving your campervan across Europe where you donít know the local laws.

Campervan Agreed Value Insurance

If your over fifty years old youíre be able to get cheaper campervan insurance because insurance companies think that you be a more responsible driver, more likely to obey the speed limit, more likely to regularly service your campervan, more likely to know how to do your own repairs and generally be more sensible on the road than younger drivers, this may or not be the case for you individually but itís good to know there is cheaper insurance for you.

When you complete the online quotation form youíre be asked for the make and model of your campervan, this might be easy if itís a Volkswagen classic campervan or other well known type of campervan like a VW T2, Kombris, Westfalia but if you have bought the campervan yourself or have converted a van then with specialist online insurance your be able to specify what the donor vehicle is and what changes you have made, this helps the insurance company correctly value your campervan and offer you the correct amount of insurance.

For campervan conversions and classic campervans agreed value insurance is important because on the online quote form you can specify the amount of money you would want to recover if your campervan was ever written off, this makes sure that you get a fair deal for your campervan, but remember not to price the agreed value too high or youíre be paying an increased monthly premium.

Campervan Windscreen Insurance

With all your family traveling in the campervan itís important to have a fully comprehensive insurance policy that will get your campervan repaired or recovered if you face any difficulty at the side of the road, getting your family put up in a hotel for a couple of nights is an important part of European travel insurance packages which youíre be able to choose from on the online quotation form.

To save money its vitally important that you only choose the insurance options that are applicable to you, if you know you will never travel abroad in your campervan then donít pay for European insurance or European breakdown cover, itís a nice thought that you might go abroad or have the option to go abroad if you fancy, but if itís not likely then why pay for it, you can always add European cover to your campervan insurance at a later date.

Campervan insurance can include windscreen cover so if your windscreen gets smashed or cracked then your get a free replacement, and from a specialist insurer they can arrange deals with breakdown companies that will carry VW Classic or Heritage campervans, or indeed any other make of campervan, as well as windscreen cover you can include tyre cover so your get free tyre replacement if you have a blowout or puncture at the side of the road, you donít want to be waiting several days for a repair shop to order you in a tyre that will fit your campervan.

Campervan Rental Insurance

You can even insure yourself against road rage incidents where if you are a victim of road rage where you are injured or abused your be able to claim on your insurance, if you drive an older make of campervan that is slow on the road, big or difficult to see past when driving and are aware that even though quite wrongly other road users are unhappy with your presence on the road then it can be a very good idea to insure yourself and your family against road rage incidents.

Misfuelling your campervan is easily done especially when youíre driving around the country and filling up at unfamiliar petrol stations, itís easy to put a smaller petrol pump nozzle into a diesel campervan than it is to incorrectly fuel a petrol campervan that has a smaller nozzle than a diesel nozzle and therefore wonít fit.

If your towing a trailer behind your campervan. Maybe a trailer containing cooking utensils, clothes or sports equipment or maybe a trailer tent containing a larger tent for camping then your need to know that most standard insurance polices do not allow you to tow a vehicle unless you specify that youíre are going to use your campervan for towing, thatís an option on the online campervan insurance quote where you can choose all the options that apply to you and then get a quote online, if the quote is too expensive you can go back and edit the quote and remove breakdown cover or lower the agreed value of your campervan, itís much easier to get a cheap quote online because you can change the quote.

Maybe you just want self-drive hire where you are renting a campervan, maybe the campervan of your dreams which you and your family are renting out, your still need insurance to drive the campervan and your standard insurance policy is not likely to cover driving a campervan especially if it is a classic or heritage type campervan which may well have a high value.