Black Cab Insurance

Black Cab Insurance

Black Cab Insurance for licensed London Hackney Carriages, black cabs, Austin FX4, mini cabs, public hire taxis, private hire taxis, private taxis and taxi fleets as well as private use taxi insurance.

If you drive a licensed London Hackney Carriage (black cab) your need vehicle insurance and public liability insurance, black cabs used outside of London are not London Hackney Carriages but will still need the same vehicle insurance and public liability insurance.

As well as black cabs whether licensed London Hackney Carriages or not all taxis and minicabs need vehicle insurance to legally use the vehicle on the road as well as public liability insurance to protect your passengers (your fares).

Licensed Black Cab (Hackney Carriage)

Whether you are a licensed black cab (Hackney Carriage) operating in London or a taxi or minicab operating across the UK your be able to get vehicle insurance for your taxi or minicab as well as liability insurance to protect you and your customers, additionally many black cab insurance companies will include free breakdown and recovery cover, if you do breakdown at the side of the road your be able to phone the breakdown insurance company who will send out a recovery vehicle to your cab, they repair 75% of callouts on the side of the road with the other 25% requiring that the cab be towed to a garage for repair.

As an additional option on the insurance quote you can choose to have a loan taxi whilst your own taxi is being repaired so you can continue to earn a living, if you also choose vehicle warranty insurance (Used Car Warranty) the insurance company will pay for any mechanical breakdowns to your cab, the insurance company will pay out for parts and labour and will pay the garage directly so you have no bills to pay.

If you are a self-employed owner operator of your own licensed taxi or minicab then youíre want to insure the individual cab, if youíre a fleet operator with a fleet of taxi cabs (a fleet must be three or more taxi cabs or minicabs) then you can take out fleet insurance, the fleet insurance will be cheaper as you get volume discounts for more cabs, you can have a mixed policy of licensed London Hackney Cabs as well as minicabs or you can have fleet insurance (Motor Fleet Insurance) for all taxiís or all mini cabs.

Self-Employed Owner Operators

Self-employed owner operators can get cheaper black cab insurance by not selecting the options on the insurance quote that they are unlikely to use for example your unlikely to be travelling to Europe in your Black Cab so no need to get European insurance or the offer of so many days of European insurance, get a discount by declining these insurance options.

Breakdown And Recovery Cover

The same with European breakdown and recovery cover (Car Breakdown Insurance), your unlikely to visit Europe in your black cab let alone break down in Europe so donít pay for the unwanted cover, if you have breakdown and recovery insurance already and want to take advantage of any special deals you can put your own breakdown cover on hold for the year by simply phoning your current recovery insurance and asking them to freeze your membership for the year.

Personal Liability

Your need personal liability for your passengers as your receiving payment for their transportation, should a passenger be injured in a vehicle accident then your insurance company will be able to pay out any claims to the passenger, if your passenger has his or her own medical insurance then their insurance company might sue you to reclaim bills of medical treatment for example.

Similarly, passengers leaving wallets, mobile phones, laptop computers, bags and suitcases in your cab will probably be trying to claim compensation, with liability insurance if the claim is upheld by the insurance company then your insurance will pay up saving you considerable personal expense.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance as part of your cab insurance will protect you from claims, for example you park your taxi on the corner of a road and the obstruction causes a vehicle accident that might not even involve your taxi, in this example the insurance company would pay out compensation to other road users due to your negligence.

Private Hire Insurance For Minicabs

Private hire insurance for minicabs can be more expensive than licensed Hackney Carriage insurance because for a licenced Hackney Carriage more is known about the distances travelled (within London) and locations of taxi service plus the licensed taxi drivers may very well have more driving experience than a minicab driver who has just started driving a minicab that week, so the known risk is smaller and the insurance premium per month will be smaller.

Low Deposit For Black Cab And Minicab Insurance

You can get low deposit for both black cab and minicab insurance but you have to use a specialised taxi insurance company, general vehicle insurance companies wonít understand the unique risks of a taxi business and will want a large deposit for their own protection rather than yours.

Youíre be able to pay annually for the insurance or quarterly, for self-employed owner operators paying monthly by direct debit will be better for cashflow and youíre get a discount for direct debit payments because the insurance company are assured their premium payment each month.

If your regularly taking rowdy or even drunk passengers in your cab then youíre have passengers being sick in your cab or damaging the seats, you can claim for damage and cleaning expenses on your insurance, obviously, you have a no claims bonus that youíre want to protect, but if the damage is severe that it would put you at considerable expense to put right yourself then you can make a claim on your insurance.

Liability Insurance Includes Injury To Yourself

The liability insurance includes injury to yourself as a driver, you might think of accident or injury to do with a road traffic accident where you suffer whiplash or another injury but you might also come to harm from your passengers, as an example a passenger throwing a punch at you, with black cab insurance you can take out personal injury insurance as part of the black cab insurance and where you are injured claim on your insurance for medical treatment or damage to your cab, if for example a passenger damaged your taxi by say denting the body panels or ripping the seats.

You might want vehicle insurance for a minicab, saloon MPV or a genuine Austin FX4 black cab, the greater number of passengers your taxi can hold the higher your insurance premiums as you have increased liability, the potential claims resulting from four passengers are more than the potential claims for one passenger.

Licensed Hackney Carriage

As well as vehicle insurance for a black cab used as a licensed Hackney Carriage you might want to use your black cab as an everyday car, not taking fee paying passengers but just as your private choice of vehicle, you can get just vehicle insurance for your taxi cab without additional liability insurance needed for a passenger carrying vehicle.

If you have a black cab licenced outside of London, then youíre be looking for taxi insurance which you can also get instantly by completing the only form, accepting the resulting quotation and paying your first premium, you can insure your taxi and use youíre taxi the very same day.

Private Hire Taxi Doing Airport Transfer Work

If youíre a private hire taxi just doing airport transfer work youíre be able to get discounted insurance as statistically your less likely to have an accident on the motorway and more likely to have accidents on small country roads and in town, so if thatís all you use your taxi for i.e. you advertise as and only accept airport transfer passengers (therefore you can prove it), then youíre get cheaper insurance.

Uber Driver

If youíre an Uber driver you can also get vehicle insurance and liability insurance, the same type of insurance as youíre would have for a private hire (a taxi ride that has been pre-booked), the liability insurance will cover the driver so if the passenger injures or attacks the driver you can have medical insurance to pay out for any treatment as well as liability insurance for any claims the passenger might make against the driver.

If you have CCTV in your taxi (and display a sign that you have CCTV) then your insurance will be cheaper as youíre be able to prove or disprove any claims made against you, Uber drivers with vehicle tracking of routes can also get cheaper insurance because the logging of the route and any stops provides protection against claims made by either the driver or the passenger and helps prove or disprove claims which may need compensation paid by the insurance company.

Taxi Office Insurance

Black cab insurance can also include taxi office insurance where you want buildings and contents insurance combined into one taxi insurance package, this will give you a discount as your combining insurance products and makes managing your insurance easier as you only have one policy to manage in the same way that fleet insurance makes manging many cars in the fleet easier than manging individual insurance policies.

Taxi cover for drivers over 25 is much cheaper than insurance for an under 25 year old, if you are a licensed Hackney Carriage your insurance will be cheaper even if your under 25 as the increased licensing means that the risk to the insurance company of paying out is less than a minicab driver who will have less licensing requirements and can be a minicab driver without prior knowledge or experience.

Pre-Booked Fares

Public hire taxi insurance is more costly than private hire insurance as having a pre-booked fare where you have the passengerís details reduces the risk of the passenger dodging a fare, being abusive or causing damage to the taxi, itís the holding of passenger details that makes the insurance cheaper.

MPV Cover

MPV cover for MPVís used as public or private hire vehicles is more expensive due to the number of passengers the vehicle holds as more passengers equals more liability and public hire insurance carries greater risk than private hire insurance as with private hire the passengers details are held by the taxi firm.

General high street insurance companies will not be able to offer black cab insurance, if they do at all your find that there is a large deposit required and no options for zero excess like there is with specialist taxi insurance companies.

Zero Excess Policy

The advantages of a zero excess policy is that should you need your windscreen replaced or other insurance claim you wonít be required to pay the first few hundred pounds, however, if you do select to have an excess amount on your policy and some policies allow you to choose the amount of excess your find that your monthly premium is lower, so itís a balance between how much excess you want to pay and how much you want to pay in the way of a monthly premium.

Any Driver, Any Vehicle

If youíre a taxi operator youíre want your drivers to be able to drive any vehicle, the option is called Ďany driver, any vehicleí, with this policy option you can have a range of minicabs, MPVís and even black cabs all on the same fleet insurance allowing your drivers to drive the full range of vehicles you have as they will be fully insured for each vehicle, this makes managing your fleet much easier.

Whether you want taxi insurance for a Hackney black cab operating within London or a minicab or MPV you can be assured of cheaper discounts if you use a specialist taxi insurance, there are deals to be had by correctly choosing the options on the quotation when youíre buying your insurance online, donít pay for European insurance options and breakdown hire if you donít need it and include your liability insurance with your vehicle insurance for cheaper deals, agree to an excess on your policy and your monthly premiums will be cheaper as will agreeing to a deposit, both excess and deposits will lower your monthly premiums but increase your claim costs so itís a fine balance between cheaper monthly insurance or paying more in advance.

Use the online quote option to select only the insurance options your need and youíre get the cheapest quote as youíre not paying for added extras you donít need.