Bicycle Insurance

Bicycle Insurance

Bicycle Insurance to protect you and your bike with personal accident, personal liability, dental cover, physio cover, multiple bike insurance, vandalism and theft cover including push bike, mountain bike, racing competitions and electric bike insurance.

If you ride your bike on your commute to work or just for leisure if you have bicycle insurance your be able to claim for any accidents you have on your bike, if you fall off your bike you might need medical attention with bike insurance you can have medical insurance and dental insurance included so if you hurt yourself and need dental work your be able to claim for the work on your bike insurance or if you need physiotherapy for strained and aching muscles or a chiropractor for your back, if you fall off your bike your insurance will make sure that you’re not out of pocket after medical expenses.

Of course, it’s not just medical attention you might need if you fall off your bike, you might damage your bike and need a new bike or need to get new parts for your bike, you can claim on your insurance for the cost of repairing your bike either because you have fallen off or because you have been involved in an accident for example a car may have knocked you off your bike.

If Your Bike Is Stolen You Can Claim On Your Bike Insurance

If your bike is stolen you can also claim on your bike insurance but you have to make sure that you take adequate precautions to make sure your bike is not easy to steal and that includes making sure you lock your bike and chain it to an immovable object or a bike rack, failure to secure your bike properly will mean that you won’t be able to claim on your insurance for a new bike and with 100,000 bicycles stolen in the UK every year all cyclists are at risk of losing their bike.

If you are involved in an accident you best make sure your wearing a bicycle helmet as the insurance company may not pay out on your insurance if you are not wearing a helmet, with a helmet any dental treatment, physiotherapy or chiropractor appointments you need will be paid by the insurance company as will any medical attention you need from a private hospital if you need it, you will need your doctor to assess you and then refer you for private medical care with your insurance company paying the bills directly to the hospital or consultant.

Your generally get two million pounds of public liability insurance which means that if your actions cause injury or damage to other people or their property and those people take you to court your own insurance will pay out for any valid claims made against your insurance up to the two million pound limit, for example if you are riding your bike and you swerve to avoid a cat on the road and by swerving you accidentally hit a pedestrian on the pavement that pedestrian may be injured by the collision with your bike and want you to pay compensation for their medical treatment or resulting injuries.

Going On Holiday With Your Bike In The UK, Europe Or Worldwide

It’s not just a third party that you might accidentally collide with on your bicycle that might sue you but that person may have their own private medical insurance and their insurance company may try to sue you for the recovery of any claims they have had to pay out.

With legal expenses cover if a claim against you involves a court case and you need to hire a solicitor to represent you then you be able to claim on your insurance for the cost of legal representation.

If you’re going on holiday with your bike in the UK, Europe or worldwide you can get Travel Insurance for your bicycle, for example if you are putting your bike in a car bike rack on the back of the car your bike insurance will cover you for any damage that results whilst your bike is being transported, the damage may be to your own bike or for example your own car where your bicycle in the bike rack scratches or dents your own car, your then be able to claim on your bike insurance for damage to your car.

Mountain Bike Racing

If you’re travelling abroad with your bike then your bicycle insurance will include your bike being transported by airplane, ferry or train and any damage to your bike or your bike being stolen whilst in transit can be claimed on your insurance.

You might have a mountain bike and enjoy using your bike in the countryside each weekend or you might have a road racing bike and take part in road competitions during the summer or you might just be commuting to work on your bike or want a bike for the children to learn to cycle and use to ride to school, whatever you use your bike for your be able to insure your use.

If you have an expensive racing bike and you have an accident whilst you’re in a road race for example you crash into the bike in front of you then not only will you be able to claim on your own insurance for damage to your bike and for any injuries you might have sustained but the rider that you have crashed into will want to claim against your insurance for replacement or repair of his racing bike and any injury or rehabilitation costs the other rider may have suffered.

Multi-Cycle Policy Where Your Whole Family Can Insure Their Bikes On The One Policy

You can take out a multi-cycle policy where your whole family can insure their bikes on the one policy, this is great for a family with Mum, Dad and the children all insured on the same policy then if your child falls off their bike and for example needs dental work then your be able to claim on your bike insource for the dentist appointments and resulting treatment, you can have a family multi-bike policy even if you are also a sports enthusiast and will be racing your bike, the multi-bike polices covers multiple uses of the families bicycles.

Its unfortunate but cyclists are killed each year on our roads, with cycle insurance the policy will pay out for accidental death, whist claiming against your loved one’s insurance for their death can in no way bring your loved one back it will at least pay for bills and loss of income which could make the family worse off without the breadwinner of the family to pay the bills.

Electric bikes are also covered on cycle insurance, with an electric bike you have a few more risks, the battery pack on the bike can if faulty explode which can cause injury to yourself or others, with cycle insurance any injury from such an accident can be claimed against and your get the medical care you need to make you better and also any third party that was injured by for example the battery on your electric bike exploding could claim on your insurance.

Electrical Bike Insurance

Electric bikes also travel faster than push bikes and the extra speed may mean that you accidentally collide with another road user, either in a cycle lane or on the road, your also be able to claim against your insurance for any accidents caused by your electric bike or your handing of the bike.

With 24-hour replacement, you can get a brand-new bike within 24 hours, simply call the helpline when you have your bike stolen or damaged and give the insurance company the police crime number for any theft of your bicycle, you don’t have to go to the police station to report the theft of a bicycle and can get the crime report number over the web form the website of your local police station.

With 24-hour replacement insurance your new push bike or electric bike will be couriered to you the very next day, it’s the fastest way to get a replacement bike and with a ‘new for old’ policy you’re be getting a brand-new bicycle for your old bike that was stolen or damaged beyond repair.

Apply For Insurance Cover Online

With ‘get you home cover’ any expenses that you incur to get yourself home for example taking a taxi to go home or having to hire a car or van to take your broken racing bike or electric bike home can all be claimed against your insurance so the cost of transporting yourself and your broken bicycle will be met by your insurance and not you, your normally pay these expenses yourself and then claim them back on the insurance by posting or emailing a copy of the receipt to the insurance company.

You can apply for insurance cover online and be immediately covered as soon as you have paid the monthly premium, this is ideal if for example, you are due to enter a bicycle race that day and want to get last minute insurance for you or your children, you can also insure a group of people and not just yourself so if you are a member of a cycling club you can get cycle insurance for all members of the club, this is ideal if you are regularly racing your bikes and transporting your bikes as there is not only a risk of damage to your bikes and injury to yourself during the race but also the risk of theft or vandalism of your bicycles which you would be able to claim on the group insurance.

Even if you chain your bicycle to a bike rack there is no guarantee that your bicycle will not be damaged, for example other cyclists taking their bike out the rack can accidentally cause their own bike to fall against yours buckling your wheel or breaking your lights, it’s unlikely that the other cyclist or a passer-by that accidentally knocks your bike in the rack will leave a note or contact details and if you come back and find your bike damaged your be able to claim on your insurance for not only the repair to your bike but also the cost of getting home without a working bike.

Riding Without A Helmet Your Unlikely To Be Insured

If your riding without a helmet your unlikely to be insured the reason being is that you are substantially more likely to hurt yourself if you fall off your bike, the resulting injuries would cost the insurance company far more in medical bills than if you were wearing a helmet, so always wear your helmet, you might think that you could ‘get away’ with not wearing a helmet but for any insurance claim witnesses would normally give a statement and if those witnesses said you were not wearing a helmet you wouldn’t be able to make a claim

If you use your bicycle for commuting then you might think that you need a separate insurance policy for your bike as its business use but in fact business, pleasure or sports use can all go on the same policy, if you have more than one bike your need multiple insurance even if both bikes belong to you, that’s because a single policy is for one bike.

Because the insurance covers accidental injury to yourself or others if you are not cycling in the cycle lane or cycling on the pavement when you should be on the road your insurance will still pay out (generally) because of the liability component of your insurance, however if your conduct is gross behaviour for example holding on to the back of a passing car as the car pulls you along on your bike then your insurance is unlikely to pay out and should you hurt yourself or damage your bike or your car your be unable to claim on your insurance.

For commuter cycle insurance or multi-bike and cycling club insurance use the online quote form where specialist cycle insurance companies can give you an instant quote, you’re be insured the same day when you buy online and you get your insurance from a UK cycle insurance company that provides you with a 24/7 emergency telephone number for claims.