BMW Insurance

BMW Insurance

BMW Insurance for BMW series 1 to 8, BMW 4x4, BMW X3, BMW X5, BMW M series, BMW 328, BMW Z4, BMW i3 Electric Car, BMW Bike 1200 RT Tourer, BMW Bike C1 Commuter, BMW car insurance and BMW bike insurance. Breakdown cover, gadget cover, lady driver insurance, SORN and laid up insurance, classic cover, black box insurance, miss-fuel and young driverís insurance.

Whatever model of BMW you have from classic, old or new, your need insurance to use your BMW car, SUV or motorbike on the road, your insurance can be for UK use only or European insurance as well if you regularly drive on the continent, you can also include breakdown and recovery insurance as part of the BMW insurance package.

With three quarters of roadside breakdowns repairable on the side of the road by the breakdown service it makes perfect sense to have recovery insurance included, for repairs that cannot be made at the side of the road the recovery service will put your BMW on the back of a trailer (not tow your BMW but actually put the car on a trailer where it is better protected).

BMW Breakdown Insurance

Your Car Breakdown Insurance can include a BMW courtesy car with similar specification to your own so that you can continue your journey with the minimum of inconvenience, if as part of your BMW insurance you choose an Extended Warranty Cover then you wonít have to pay for the costs of any repairs as they will be paid by your insurance company directly to the garage that repairs your BMW, the garage will be a specialist garage authorised by your insurance company to carry out repairs, with the worry of expensive repair bills itís good to know that an extended warranty will mean you wonít have any bills to pay.

As well as the car insurance which insures your car against any damage as well as third parties whose cars you might damage or individuals you might injure whilst driving, you can also insure your carís contents, for example you might regularly have lots of gadgets in your car like laptops, mobile phones, computer tablets and childrenís entertainment devices, if your car is broken into or stolen you want the entire contents of your BMW to be included on your insurance and separate car gadget insurance will do this.

Women BMW Drivers Insurance

Women drivers also get a discount on their BMW insurance because women are statistically more careful drivers then men, women obey the speed limit and drive more safely than men, this is statically proven, for the individual lady driver this might be a different matter, but women drivers will get cheaper insurance.

All drivers can get cheaper BMW insurance by only checking the options on the car insurance quotation form that they actually need, if you wonít be driving your BMW in Europe then uncheck the option for European insurance and breakdown cover.

As well as lady drivers over fifties can also get cheaper BMW insurance, for pretty much the same reasons that women are offered cheaper insurance, the over fifties drive more safely and obey the speed limits, again this is a statistical fact individual drivers will vary but all over fifties drivers are offered cheaper insurance, personal driving experience will vary of course if you are a convicted driver (Convicted Driver Insurance) for example then your insurance will not be lower regardless of your age or sex.

Another way to get cheaper insurance for your BMW is to have a multi-car policy where you can insure several different cars on the same insurance policy and youíre get discounts for the more cars that you add to the policy, if you have several cars in the family all the cars can be insured on a multi-car policy even if the cars are not all BMWís.

Classic BMW Insurance

If you have an old or classic BMW (Classic Car Insurance) that you are not using on the road, known at the DVLA as declaring SORN (Statuary Off Road Notice) or laid up cover as the insurance companies call it, then you can get cheaper insurance as the vehicle will be at home in your garage or carried on a transporter to a BMW show for example, as youíre not taking your BMW on the road there is no need to have full insurance that covers the cars road use, of course laid up cover still provides insurance for you to claim against if your BMW is damaged in a fire or vandalised or your BMW causes liability for example causing injury at a show.

With classic BMW insurance, you can limit the mileage of your BMW on the online quote form as typically youíre be driving your classic BMW a lot less than your everyday car, so less use on the road means less risk and therefore a lower monthly insurance quote, try to arcuately predict your annual mileage as if you give a mileage too high youíre be paying for miles you never use.

You have the option of insuring your BMW for fully comprehensive or third party, fire and theft, the difference is that third party, fire and theft insurance does not insure your own car against accident only other people (the third party), so damage to another vehicle or injure someone else and they will be able to claim on your insurance for compensation but with third party, fire and theft you cannot claim on your insurance for your own injuries or damage to your own car which may leave you with a big repair bill or medical bill, with fully comprehensive insurance you have all the benefits of third party fire and theft as well as the ability to claim for your own car and your own injuries.

BMW Misfuel Cover

Your BMW insurance can also include misfuel cover, choose this option on the online quote form if you want it, misfuel insurance insures you against filling up with the wrong fuel, if you do misfuel your engine can be ruined and your be left with a big repair bill, the engine, catalytic converter and filters will all need repair work after a misfuel, itís easy to misfuel a diesel car with petrol as the petrol nozzle is smaller than the diesel nozzle and a moment of distraction and you probably wonít realise until you try to drive away from the petrol station leaving you with an expensive repair bill unless you have misfuel insurance.

BMW Agreed Value Insurance

With agreed value insurance you specify the amount of compensation you want from the insurance company if your BMW is written off, you can specify this amount yourself on the insurance quote form, but if you set the agreed value too high your be paying more in your monthly insurance premium, so itís cheaper to put a realistic value of the car on the form as your monthly premiums will be lower and your still be able to buy a similar specification car with the compensation.

You can also add key cover to your BMW insurance where if you lose your car keys they will be replaced free of charge along with any costs for reprograming immobilisers or other security devices.

BMW New Driver Insurance

If youíre a new car driver and have just passed your driving test and want to drive a BMW your find your monthly insurance premiums are higher because you are a young driver with little experience of driving, you can lower your monthly premiums by insuring your BMW in the name of another family member like your Mum or Dad for example and making you a named driver on their insurance, this will use their no claims bonus and years of driving experience to lower your insurance and might be a solution for the first few years of driving your BMW but longer term you will want your own insurance policy so that you can build up your own no claims bonus.

BMW Black Box Insurance

If you have a black box (telemetry device) fitted to your BMW then you can take out whatís known as black box insurance, the black box monitors the speed and driving style and reports this information back to the insurance company, your insurance will be cheaper because your actual driving style and whether you obey the speed limits will be known to the insurance company, on the other hand if you cannot always guarantee that you will obey the speed limit then making this information known through a black box may not be in your interest and you wonít get cheaper insurance if the insurance company proves you have not followed speed limits and road signs, itís easy for your speed to creep up or to drive fast on a road when youíre not sure of the speed limit and to be penalised for every infraction would cause your monthly premiums to rise.

Get a BMW car insurance quote online for the cheapest insurance because itís easy to change your mind, for example you can look at the monthly cost of your insurance if you agree a set number of miles each year and then increase the number of miles to see how much you insurance premium will rise, this allows you to tailor the insurance policy to your actual driving over the coming year rather than accepting high monthly insurance premiums because you were not able to change your mind with a fixed quotation.

BMW 1 to 8 Series, 4X4, SUV, Sports Car Or Classic BMW Insurance

Whatever model of BMW you drive from a BMW 1 to 8 series, 4x4, SUV, sports car or classic BMW you can get the cheapest insurance online, if you have modified your BMW (Modified Car Insurance) in any way for example increased the performance (Performance Car Insurance) of the engine then your need modified car insurance, as standard insurance will assume you have a standard series BMW, on the online quote form simply select that you have a modified BMW and type in the details of the modification, the modification might not be about performance it might be improved entertainment systems or conversion to hydrogen power, whatever your modification your be able to get an online quote.

Seven Day BMW Insurance

As well as annual BMW insurance, you can also get one monthís insurance or seven dayís insurance, this is ideal if you just want temporary insurance if your moving from one insurance company to another or driving the vehicle from one location to another where after you have delivered the car the car will be off the road.

Your BMW insurance will not only protect your car from accident allowing you to claim on the insurance for its repair and remember that with an extended warranty as part of the insurance policy you wonít even have to pay for any or breakdowns and the vehicle insurance will cover the repairs so your never have anything to pay as long as you maintain the monthly premiums, this is an excellent way to get your cost of motoring down as your always know exactly how much you need to pay each month without there being any expensive repair bills.

Itís not just accidents that your BMW insurance will protect you against but theft and vandalism too, itís a sad fact that the more expensive the car the more likely people are to be jealous of your car and want to cause your car damage, whether thatís hitting your car with their car door as they get out of their car in the carpark or committing an act of vandalism by scratching your paint work, with insurance you can claim for outright theft like your car being stolen as well as acts of vandalism whether small like a scratch or bump or big like a large dent.

BMW Windscreen Cover

With windscreen cover youíre get free replacement of car windscreens and tyres too if you opt for tyre cover, this again insures that your monthly costs are guaranteed and you can budget for them with no surprises of new tyres or windscreens to replace.

If you have a classic BMW your be interested in salvage retention insurance whereby as part of the insurance the insurance company agrees to sell the car too you for its insurance write-off value, this insures that your be able to take possession of the BMW once it has been written off, you can then choose to repair the vehicle or use it for spares rather than have the insurance company keep your vehicle, you will of course still get the agreed value in compensation for your car.