Audi Insurance

Audi Insurance

Audi Insurance for Audi TT, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, R8, RS4 and Q7 series, black box, young driver, womenís, misfuel, breakdown, lost keys and no claims discount insurance, courtesy car and genuine Audi parts.

Whether your Audi is new, modified, a classic or just old you can get the cheapest Audi insurance from online brokers who specialise in Audi insurance, for the cheapest insurance insure all the families cars under a multi-car policy, each car you add to the policy will give you a greater discount and only one of the cars has to be an Audi.

If your using your car for business rather than personal use then the multi-car equivalent for Audi business users is Fleet Insurance, you have one insurance policy with all the cars added to the same policy, each car added gives you a greater discount and itís easier to manage one insurance policy than many as your only have on expiration date to worry about.

Audi Black Box Insurance

If your Audi has a black box fitted (telemetry device) or you agree to have one fitted then the insurance company can use the black box to offer you cheaper insurance, the way this works is that the black box tracks the speed and location of your Audi so the insurance company can see where you park your Audi at night in a garage or on the road for example and whether you stick to the speed limits, if you do, your get cheaper insurance for your Audi, if you donít the insurance wonít be any cheaper and might even be more costly if your considered a reckless driver.

Audi Women Drivers Insurance

Women Audi drivers and those over the age of fifty will get cheaper Audi insurance because women and older people are statistically less likely to make a claim on their insurance, if your driving more carefully and donít claim for every little thing then your Audi insurance will be cheaper because the cost of insuring you will be less.

The online quote form will allow you to specify the insurance options you want for your Audi, you might want windscreen cover so that in the event of a crack or stone chip you can get a free windscreen repair or replacement, take notice of the windscreen excess that might be separate from any other insurance excess on your Audi, you might have to pay the first fifty pounds or one hundred pounds of the windscreen replacement, this is to stop frivolous claims by Audi owners claiming for even the slightest stone chip, because driving faster can result in more stone chips especially if you spend a great deal of time driving on the motorway.

On the online quote form your be able to choose the amount of excess you would like for your Audi insurance, the more excess you agree to pay in the event of a claim the cheaper your monthly premiums will be so its a fine balance between selecting an excess amount your happy to pay if you need to claim and how much you want your monthly Audi insurance bill to be, your be able to choose the amount of excess that you want on the online form.

Audi Windscreen Cover

Along with windscreen cover comes tyre and wheel cover, if you have expensive alloy wheels your appreciate the cost of replacing or repairing scratched alloy wheels or needing new tyres because you took a curb a little fast, with tyre insurance you wonít have to pay for the costs of tyre replacement from damage you may have caused like driving up a curb or accidental damage like driving over a nail or vandalism like getting your tyres slashed with a knife, the cost of replacing all four tyres is expensive and with tyre insurance your be able to claim on your insurance for their replacement.

Audi Warranty Cover

Audi Extended Vehicle Cover will mean that your never have to pay for parts and labour for breakdowns (Car Breakdown Insurance) or repairs, should your Audi need replacement parts to pass itís MOT your be referred to an insurance approved repair centre where genuine Audi parts will be fitted to your car and any bills for parts or labour will be submitted by the garage directly to your insurance company who will pay the repair bill directly to the garage, this provides great peace of mind that your never have to worry about the costs of repairs for your Audi, you can choose this option on the online quote form if it is of interest to you.

Young Audi Drivers Insurance

Young drivers under the age of 21 years old and new drivers aged 17 years old who have just passed their test will find that Audi insurance from a high street insurer is expensive, there a ways to reduce the cost of Audi insurance for young drivers by using a specialist Audi insurance broker who specialises in Insuring Performance Cars.

If you have just passed your test then consider insuring your Audi on your parents insurance, your parents will have many years of no claims discount and be older, this means they can get cheaper insurance, you can be a named driver on their insurance policy which will allow you to have cheaper insurance (your Audi is insured under your parents) with you as a named driver.

Your only be able to be a named driver on your parents insurance for the first few years of your driving career as your want to move to your own insurance policy as soon as you have some years of driving experience so that you can build up your own no claims bonus.

Audi Breakdown And Recovery Insurance

Audi drivers should consider breakdown and recovery insurance especially as part of their car insurance policy as just one use of the breakdown and recovery service will more than have paid for its cost, most breakdowns can be fixed at the side of the road, for those breakdowns that require your Audi to be taken to a garage for repair your Audi will be put on the back of a trailer (not towed) as damage can result to a vehicle being towed.

If you drive your Audi abroad in Europe then you can get European car insurance and European breakdown and recovery insurance as part of your car insurance policy, if your driving in Europe itís vital that you have this insurance, but if you have no intention of driving your Audi outside of the UK then your paying for additional insurance you wonít ever use, you can always add European cover to your insurance policy at a later date, so check the online quotation carefully and edit the quotation to only include the insurance that you actually need, this will help lower the cost of your insurance.

Your Audi insurance can include the option to drive any other car, your be insured for other cars under your Audi insurance and the other cars do not have to be Audiís, your policy can allow anyone to drive your Audi or only named drivers that you list at the time you take out your Audi insurance online, if you donít need to drive other cars or allow others to drive your car then remove this option from the insurance quotation as it will be increasing the cost of your insurance.

Audiís are desirable cars the popularity of the Audi TT and classic Audiís (Classic Car Insurance) is testament to this and that makes Audi cars a target for thieves and vandals, if your car is damaged and needs repair under your insurance then you can opt for a courtesy car, the courtesy car will be a similar Audi to what you are driving now, if for example you are driving a classic Audi then the courtesy car is unlikely to be a classic Audi but will be a similar new series Audi.

Audi Gap Insurance

You can take out gap insurance as part of your Audi car insurance, what this does is insure that your Audi holds its resale value, gap insurance pays out on the difference between buying a similar new model Audi and the resale value of your used Audi at the time you come to sell it, itís not having enough money from the sale of your old Audi to buy a new Audi that gap insurance fixes, your insuring that your Audi will not depreciate in value.

Audi Misfuel Insurance

As part of your Audi insurance that you take out online you can choose to include misfuel insurance, if you have a turbo diesel Audi your find that the petrol nozzle at the petrol pump is small enough to fit inside the diesel filling cap, so there is a danger that you can put petrol in your diesel Audi which will result in damage to the engine and the catalytic converter and filters will need to be replaced, with misfuel insurance you can claim on your insurance for the repair costs of accidentally putting the wrong fuel in your Audi.

Misfueling your Audi can happen when your using an unfamiliar pump or when you lend your car to someone else who does not realise the car is diesel, especially easy to do on an Audi where the diesel cars have great performance and you would not realise it was a diesel unless you had been told.

Audi Lost Or Stolen Key Insurance

As part of your Audi insurance you can include lost or stolen key insurance, should your car keys go missing then the cost of supplying you with a new key and updating any security systems in your car will be paid for by the insurance company, without lost key insurance any expenses caused when you lose your key will have to be met by yourself.

To lower the cost of your Audi insurance further you can have fixed mileage insurance, on the online quote form you specify how many miles you plan to drive each year, the lower the number of miles you agree to drive the lower the cost of your insurance because if you drive less your less likely to have an accident as opposed to driving more.

You can submit the online quote form several times, each time changing the details on the quotation form so that you can determine exactly how much the quote lowers if you agree to drive only a set number of miles each year, you can keep editing the form until the insurance you need is matched by the cost your preprepared to pay, note that you canít materially change the quotation the facts are the facts, but if modifying your driving (Modified Car Insurance) can help lower your insurance bill that is a good thing.

Audi Unlimited Mileage Insurance

Audi drivers who drive high mileages each year should go for the unlimited mileage option on the insurance form, with unlimited mileage you do not have to estimate the number of miles you do each year, if after a years worth of driving your Audi your better able to estimate your mileage then you might be able to go for a fixed mileage insurance policy which would lower the cost of your insurance further.

Audi cars are extremely popular especially for younger drivers and younger drivers have always been subject to higher insurance premiums but with a specialist Audi insurance company that need not be the case, buying your insurance online where the quotation form is submitted to a number of insurance companies databases and only the best deals are returned to the screen for your approval is the modern way to get cheap insurance.

Audi Same Day Insurance

Your Audi insurance can specify the exact start date of your insurance policy, so if you want same day insurance you can have it with the insurance cover note for your Audi emailed to you as soon as you have taken out the insurance, generally there are no up front fees to pay, only a monthly premium for your insurance, your Audi insurance can be for the whole year or a short term insurance policy just for a month or more if you need short term insurance to tide you over until another policy starts.

For the cheapest Audi insurance thatís hassle free use the online form and tailor your insurance to your exact requirements so your not paying for insurance options that your never going to need.