4x4 Insurance

4x4 Insurance

4x4 Insurance for cars, pickup trucks and vans, imported 4WD, classic 4x4, Land Rover Defender, Willys Jeep, off road and modified 4x4 cover, 4x4 insurance for 17 year olds and all four wheel drive cars, vans and trucks.

Whether you have a 4x4 car, pick up or double cab your know that 4x4 insurance can be expensive from a high street insurance broker, especially if you want off road and green laneing insurance included, buy Four Wheel Drive (FWD) insurance from a specialist insurer and your get the lowest prices even for imported (Imported Car Insurance) Japanese 4x4 vehicles.

If your 17 years old and have just passed your test your know that car insurance generally is expensive for new drivers let alone the owners of a 4x4 vehicle, a specialist 4x4 insurer will help keep the cost of your four wheel drive insurance down as will insuring your 4WD on your parents insurance with you as a named driver that way the insurance will be cheaper because your make use of your parents no claims discount, the years of motoring they have had without having to claim on their insurance, this will have lowered the cost of their insurance over the years.

Insure Your 4x4 On Your Parents Insurance

If you insure your 4x4 on your parents insurance with you as a named driver to get cheaper insurance then after a year or two your need to take out your own insurance so that you can build up your own no claims discount, otherwise your always be insuring yourself as a named driver on someone elseís policy and never building up your own no claims discount.

Another way to save on your 4x4 insurance is to insure your four wheel drive as part of a multi-car policy, all the cars in the family even if they are not a 4x4 vehicle can be insured together under the same policy the more cars you insure together the cheaper the insurance will be as your get a discount for every car added.

With the 4x4 insurance package you can also choose Breakdown Insurance, if your 4x4 is a classic (Classic Car Insurance) or just a few years old then being able to call for roadside recovery or repair is ideal, many breakdowns can be fixed at the side of the road by the recovery crew, if your 4x4 cannot then it will be towed or put on a trailer and taken to an insurance approved garage for repair, if you also choose an Extended Warranty as part of your 4x4 insurance then you wonít have to pay for the costs of parts or labour and all your garage bills will be paid by your insurance company directly to the garage, this provides total peace of mind as you have nothing extra to pay for unexpected breakdowns or repairs.

4x4 Tyre Insurance

You can also include tyre insurance for your 4x4 vehicle, this insures your tyres and wheels so if your tyre is damaged then you wonít have to pay for new 4x4 tyres as your be able to claim on your tyre insurance, with expensive 4x4 tyres its the ideal way to own a 4x4 without having to worry about large bills.

Along with tyres you can also have windscreen cover for your 4x4, this insures your windscreen against cracks and chips, should you need a windscreen repaired or replaced you wonít have to pay any extra other than your monthly premium.

4x4 Excess Insurance

Another way to lower the cost of your 4x4 insurance is to agree too an excess, this is the amount you must pay when you make a claim, for example you might agree to pay the first two hundred and fifty pounds or five hundred pounds of a claim yourself, you might be wondering why you would agree to apply for an excess when you can get 4x4 insurance that does not require you to pay an excess, the answer is that if you pay an excess the monthly insurance premium will be lower.

The reason for the lower premium is that if you have an excess your be less likely to make smaller claims on your insurance, instead only claiming the big expenses, this reluctance to claim and the fact that when you do you must pay the excess means that you wonít be claiming as much and so your monthly insurance costs fall, on the online quotation form you can choose the amount of excess you agree to pay, if any.

Modified 4x4 Insurance

If you have a heavily modified 4x4 (Modified Car Insurance) you can still get insurance from a specialist 4x4 insurer, many 4x4ís are heavily modified with winch systems, extra lights, waterproof exhaust systems, carrying racks and more, whist the high street insurer will not offer the best deals for standard 4x4ís let alone heavily modified 4x4ís your find the specialist insurers will at little extra cost.

If you like off roading in your 4x4 your be pleased to know that specialist 4x4 insurers can insure your 4x4 for off roading only or on and off roading, off roading places greater stresses on the driver and the vehicle, i.e. your more likely to break something or hit something and that means a higher insurance premium, but not as high as you might think.

When you enter your details into the online form you can choose lots of extra insurance products that might be important to you like extended warranties or tyre insurance but look at the options if you want to save money, for example European vehicle insurance and European breakdown cover, if your travelling in Europe in your 4x4 then itís vitally important, but if you never plan to drive your 4x4 abroad then donít spend the extra on insurance you wonít be using, you can always add European cover to your insurance policy at a later date, if you change your mind.

Including legal cover as part of your 4x4 insurance is an excellent idea whether your using your 4x4 for private use or commercial use, as an example imagine that you give someoneís car a tow with your 4xr4, after all its a powerful vehicle and its fun to do those things as well as nice, the person your towing is steering their car whilst you pull the car, the person steering does not break and hits the back of your 4x4, if you sustain damage or even if their car is damaged there may well be a legal case that could end up in the courts, with legal cover the cost of solicitors and going to court is covered by your insurance policy and your be able to claim compensation for any expenses you incur.

Off Road Insurance

Similarly with off roading you might damage someoneís property or injure someone who for example was out walking their dog when you where green laneing, with legal cover the costs of any court cases and compensation arising will be paid by the insurance company.

You can add a courtesy car or in this case a courtesy 4x4 to your insurance policy, as the courtesy car will be a similar make and model to your own 4x4, it of course might be a modern 4x4 when you have a classic Landrover Defender (Land Rover Insurance) but at least it will be a similar vehicle that you can use for similar tasks whilst your own 4x4 is being repaired.

Womens 4x4 Insurance

If your a women and driving a 4x4 or over the age of fifty then your in luck as both women and those over fifty can get cheaper insurance not just for cars but also for 4x4ís thatís because women and over fifties are statistically less likely to have an accident and that means the insurance company is less likely to have to pay out and can offer you a cheaper policy.

You might be towing trailers or caravans (Caravan Insurance) with your 4x4, after all you have a powerful 4x4 that you might have purchased just for its towing capabilities, not all 4x4 insurance policies will include towing, on the online quote form you can add towing trailers or caravans or both to your policy if this is important to you.

Your 4x4 insurance can be purchased as fully comprehensive or third party fire and theft, with fully comprehensive insurance your be able to make a claim on your insurance for injury to yourself or damage to your own 4x4, with third party fire and theft itís only other peoples injuries or vehicle damage that can be claimed on your insurance, so the only reason to get third party insurance only is when your 4x4 has little value and you would not be wanting to get it repaired or replaced, even then you might want to be able to make claims for your own injury to your insurance company.

4x4 Multi-Car Insurance

4WD vehicles and SUVís can both be insured, if you use your 4x4 for business then your need a commercial policy, commercial polices also have their own version of multi-car polices called Fleet Polices, this allows you to insure all your 4x4 fleet under the one insurance policy which makes the insurance cheaper and easier to manage as you only have one renewal date and one policy to add or remove different insurance options.

Your 4x4 might be a pick up or a double cab vehicle, these bigger 4x4ís can still get cheap insurance from a dedicated 4x4 insurer, online quotations are the easiest way to get cheap insurance that includes all the insurance options you need like towing or tyre insurance, behind the online quote form is a range of insurance brokers that will be matched against the details you enter so your only be shown the insurance proposals that offer the best price and match your requirements, itís quick too and you have a full range of 4x4 insurance specialists competing for your business, your find a range of 4x4 specialists that have been offering 4x4 insurance for years and yet you have never head of them before, one online quote may lead to a lifetime of wanting to insure with the same 4x4 specialist.

All 4x4ís need vehicle insurance to use the 4x4 on the road just like any other vehicle but some of the liability risks are greater with a 4x4 because of how you might use your vehicle, you might be towing cars or towing trailers or towing large caravans or have your double cab 4x4 loaded with belongings or stock for your business, this creates increased liability and insurance needs like caravan insurance or Goods In Transit Insurance which you might also want to consider as part of your 4x4 insurance policy.

Short Term 4x4 Insurance

You might be wanting insurance for your 4x4 just for a short amount of time, known as a short term policy, for example you might be borrowing a 4x4 from a friend and need your own insurance for just a few weeks, thereís no need to take out a full years worth of insurance if you donít need it as you can insure your 4x4 for just one month if you want too, the online form allows you to specify how long you want the insurance to last for and when you want the insurance to start, so if you are leaving one insurance company or not getting your 4x4 until a certain date then there is no reason to insure your 4x4 early and spend money on insurance that you canít use.

Whilst many cars are designed to look like 4x4ís and even some manufacturers will call them 4x4ís thereís an important point to be made and thatís 4x4 vehicles have power to all four wheels so that each individual wheel has grip and can move the vehicle forward even when other wheels are slipping, for example on mud when not all wheels will have traction.

Two wheel drive is the drive system used on most standard cars, the engine provides power to the rear wheels or the front wheels, different manufacturers will do things differently with some favouring front wheel drive and others favouring rear wheel drive, but two wheel drive even if the vehicle looks like an SUV or 4x4 is not four wheel drive and there is certainly no need to pay for 4x4 insurance if you donít not have a true 4x4 vehicle.